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The Math Success Center

We have moved!! We are now located in room 146 of the ATC (building 21).


A New Place to Study….

MSC 1The math department wants to help you study for your math class. Rather than going home to study on your own, come to the Math Success Center to do your homework and get any tutoring you need.

Open Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 5:30pm

MSC 2Come to room 146 of the ATC (building 21). Study with your classmates, study on your own, or get some help from the tutors.


MSC3“The tutors are great. They explain every step clearly and have a TON of patience. I plan on going just about every day; math isn't one of my stronger suits.” (Shauna T., student)

This is better because I can come in at any time, because of my class schedule." (Mary W., student)

I found the atmosphere to be very pleasant, comfortable, and beneficial to students. It is a true Godsend for many of our students.” (Professor Estephan, math department)


Last Updated 9/7/16