Print Indexes

What is a print index?

A printed periodical index is a listing of citations to articles from magazines and journals. Indexes are organized alphabetically by subjects and/or authors. Each index covers a date range, with citations to articles published during that time period. Additional information, such as the periodicals indexed, abbreviations, sample entries and directions for use, may be found at the front of an index.

What is an article citation?

A citation is the information that identifies an article published in a magazine, journal or newspaper. Parts of a citation include:

  • title of the article
  • author name
  • name of the magazine or journal
  • volume, issue and page number
  • date
  • abbreviations which mean that the article includes illustrations, portraits, graphs, tables, or a bibliography

Finding articles

Print indexes are arranged alphabetically by subject. Some subjects have subheadings, indented under the subject, which focus on a narrower aspect of the topic. A "See" or "See also" reference suggests other subject headings.
A sample entry from a print index is shown below. This article is about the ethical aspects of human cloning.

Sample periodical citation

After finding a citation, check in the "Victor Valley College Periodical, Microfilm and Infotrac Holdings" list to see if the periodical is available in our library. Note that some indexes abbreviate the periodical name in the citation; a listing of abbreviations of periodicals at the front of the index will give the full title.

Which index to use?

  • Applied Science & Technology Index
  • Book Review Digest
  • Book Review Index
  • Business Periodicals Index
  • Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL)
  • Education Index
  • Social Sciences Index (includes anthropology, community health & medicine, economics, geography, international relations, law, political science, psychology, public administration & social work)

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