Starting May 10th, register for your summer and fall 2021 classes in Navigate.

• Use computer/laptop version only

• Google Chrome or Mozilla browsers are needed


What is Navigate?


Navigate is a student planning tool.

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  • Navigate will provide you with a “To-Do” list so that you don’t miss any important steps. These are steps to get you started at VVC like applying for financial aid, paying fees, getting your textbooks, etc.
  • Navigate will also show you important resources on campus and their locations.
  • A Planner is available to help you identify what classes you need to take to reach your academic goals and an outline of the appropriate order in which to take those courses. A counselor will help you with this step.
  • In the future, Navigate will be the system where you register for the classes that are mapped out on your Planner. VVC is currently working on this feature.


How to Login for the First Time

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  • Open your browser. (Navigate works best with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.)
  • There is a login link on this page. o If the link does not work, following this step: Enter the address in your browser’s address bar. (Bookmark this page for future reference.)
  • You will be taken to the Navigate login page which will ask you to “Login with your school account.” Click that link.
  • Sign in using your MyVVC UserName and Password.
    • If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the VVC Help Desk with the contact information below or visit the Information Desk in Building 23 for assistance.
  • You should now be logged into Navigate.
  • At the top, left you will see two menu options “Explore” and “Planner”
    1. Please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” link for additional information.

For additional assistance contact the VVC Online Help Desk at or call (760) 372-7500.

Login to Navigate NOW


Last Updated 4/22/21