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Emergency Alert Text Messaging System | AlertU

ALERTU logoIn 2008, the Victor Valley Community College District established that it would use an Emergency Text Messaging System provided by AlertU. For the past five years, the VVCCD has used this service to send emergency alert messages to subscribers of the system. This is an 'opt-in' only system, so you won't receive alerts unless you choose to subscribe.


Steps to Subscribe to Emergency Text Alerts from VVC:

  • To sign up to receive emergency text message alerts from VVC, enter your mobile phone number below.




  •  If you are unable to see the widget above, go to: and you can sign up there as well.
  • Once you enter your mobile/cell phone #, you will receive a text message from 253788 (ALERTU)
  • Reply to that message with the letter 'Y' (without the quotes)
  • You will then receive a confirmation text message that you are now subscribed to receive Alerts from VVC


How to Unsubscribe from Emergency Text Alerts

  • If you want to unsubscribe from VVC Text Alerts, send a text message with the word STOP to 253788
  • IMPORTANT: This text message must be sent from the mobile phone on which you are receiving alerts, or your unsubscribe request will not be processed.


I've subscribed, but now I'm not receiving alerts?

  • The most typical reason that you will stop receiving alerts is if you change mobile carriers from one company to another, but keep your same mobile phone number.
  • If you have changed carriers, and you are no longer receiving VVC Emergency Alert Text Messages, try the following steps to fix the problem:
    1. Text the word STOP to 253788
    2. Enter your mobile number above and click 'GO'
    3. Reply with the letter Y to the message you receive
    4. You should receive a confirmation text message that you are now subscribed.
  • If the above steps are not successful, send an email message to VVC's AlertU Administrator at:  You MUST include your mobile phone numberin that email message, and indicate that you are subscribed, but are not receiving AlertU text alerts, and that you need assistance.
    • The AlertU Administrator will remove your mobile number from the subscriber list, and reply to you with an email message that you can come back to this page and subscribe again (and the sign-up process will work once the AlertU Administrator has removed the problematic subscription entry for your phone).