Disbursement Schedule

Disbursement date are approximate (& subject to change)

What is It?

Federal Pell Grant awards will normally be divided in two payments. However, other grant awards may be disbursed once a term.

Book Voucher awards are deducted from your Financial Aid Awards.

Disbursements will be made to eligible students with complete financial aid files and meet the SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) policy.

Payments are based on the number of full-term units.

  • 12 or more units - full time enrollment (Students receive 100% of award per semester).
  • 9.0-11.5 units -- 3/4 time enrollment status (Student receives 75% of award per semester).
  • 6.0-8.5 units -- 1/2 time enrollment status (Student receives 50% of award per semester).
  • 0.5-5.5 -- less than 1/2 time enrollment status.


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Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

Fall 2018

Disbursement Type Disbursement Date Comments
Pell Week of 08/28/18 30% Disbursement
Cal Grant Dreamers Week of 09/14/18  
FTSS Dreamers Week of 09/21/18  
Pell Week of 10/01/18  30% Make Up Disbursement
Cal Grant Week of 10/05/18  
FTSS Week of 10/12/18  
Pell Week of 10/29/18 30% Make Up Disbursement
Pell & SEOG Week of 11/14/18 70% Disbursement
Cal Grant Dreamers Week of 11/29/18 Make Up Disbursement
FTSS Dreamers Week of 11/30/18 Make Up Disbursement
Cal Grant Week of 12/07/18 Make Up Disbursement
FTSS  Week of 12/13/18 Make Up
Pell Week of 12/19/18 Make Up
Pell Week of 01/29/18 Make Up


*Funding potentially delayed until following week


Dreamers Book Vouchers will be disbursed the week of September 4, 2018.


Last Updated 9/26/18