Printing Instruction

The Page Setup option in Microsoft Word allows the user to set preferences for the layout of the pages in the document. Using this feature, the margins, paper size and orientation, and layout can be set for the document in use or being created.

  • In the File menu, select Page Setup. The Page Setup box will appear. You will notice tabs toward the top of the box (Margins, Paper Size, Paper Source, Layout). Locate and click on the Paper Size tab. This box will appear:

The first feature we will take a look at is the Paper Size feature, located just below the Paper Size tab. Beneath the Paper Size, you will see a pull-down menu box with the word "Letter". You will notice a small arrow at the end of the box after the word "Letter". Click on this arrow, and you should see the following menu:

By scrolling down this Paper Size menu, you will notice different types/sizes of paper from which you can choose. This will determine the size of the document page.

    • Letter is a standard 81/2" by 11" piece of paper.
    • Legal is 81/2" by 14".

    You can choose which paper size you want the document to appear as when finished.

  • Once you have selected the desired Paper Size, we will now set the page orientation. This feature is located just beneath the Paper Size option:

The Orientation feature allows you to set up the page as a portrait view or landscape view:

Portrait View

Landscape View  

  • The Preview option to left of the Paper Size and Orientation fields allows you to preview the size and orientation of the page.
  • Beneath the Preview feature, you will notice another pull-down menu box entitled Apply To. If you click on the pull-down menu, you will see the option to apply the preferences we have just set (paper size, and orientation) to the whole document or to a portion of the document:

"This point forward" refers to the rest of the document remaining after the blinking cursor in your word document.

  • Once you have set your Paper Size, Orientation, and to which portions of the document you want to apply these settings to, click the OK button located toward the bottom of the box.

  To set Margins for a document:
    1. Place the insertion point where the margins are to be changed, if necessary.
    2. From the File menu, choose Page Setup.


    3. On the Page Setup dialog box's Margins tab, in the appropriate scroll
        box(es), type or select the measurement(s) for the margin(s) you want to
    4. From the "Apply to" drop-down list, select the desired option.
    5. Choose OK.

Last Updated: 6/12/07