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Welcome to Victor Valley College!

WATCH VIDEO : Flex Day : 08-30-2013 - "The State of the College"

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Semester of Victor Valley College. The spring always brings new life to the Desert, and Victor Valley College is no exception.  On February 3rd, 2014, we will be beginning our Spring Semester. Over 20,000 students will be attending either in person or on-line. The Administration, Faculty and Staff are here to ensure that you receive the education that you need to pursue your chosen dreams. While at Victor Valley College you may participate in personal enrichment, artistic and cultural events, athletic programs, and student leadership activities. Victor Valley College is your community college. We seek to be an integral part of your personal and professional development.

In February, the College will find out about its accreditation status. No matter how the Accrediting Commission decides, Victor Valley College will remain accredited. This means that student’s grades will transfer, students will continue to be eligible for Title IV grants, and employers will continue to recognize the values of a Victor Valley College Education.

Victor Valley College offers many advantages and benefits to serious minded students. You will experience a unique and positive learning environment. Very few colleges can rival our library, student activities center, and up-to-date learning laboratories. Should you need financial assistance, you will find a link to financial aid on the home page of this website. Victor Valley College also offers tutoring and study skills labs to assist you in your educational endeavors.

The faculty, Staff and Administrators of Victor Valley College wish you all the success in the world in completing your academic and vocational endeavors. Your success is our success!

Peter Allan
Interim Superintendent/President