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ciaries and ask if they are all right with being chosen based on their economic hardship. If they accept, they will be asked if they are allergic to any particular food. They will also be asked if they prefer to remain anonymous.
     Rambassador President Linda Biggs told everyone at the meeting Oct. 11 , "At Christmas we're gonna have our illustrious leader send out an e-mail to everyone on campus like he did last year, asking for donations."
      Last year, VVC faculty donated presents on the adopted kids' wish list adding to the lovely Christmas

that was provided for a single parent family, which otherwise could not have celebrated at all. Group consensus confers there is great economic burden on today's local college students.
     When people on food stamps report becoming full- time students, they are immediately terminated from the food stamp program and told they must spend their college grant money on food. However, financial aid information is from the federal government and considered confidential so the state cannot access that data.
      The most expensive books on campus are those

required in the health care professions. Anatomy and Physiology alone costs over $200. "It's an incredible burden for some families to have a student," noted Biggs.           
     Poverty is a subjective reality.
     "We are not living in Oliver Twist's world, but there will always be someone that is more needy than the next person, and you want to be able to reach out a helping hand.  A lot of these kids are not poverty-stricken 'cause right now poverty is very subjective depending on where you are,"  said Jeff Peacock, Rambassador treasurer.                 .