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More: Verizon gives ESL $95,000

ESL students will enable the department to apply for larger grants.
     Ruiz said that at the present, the ESL program consists of five levels for mastering English.
     The new software bought with Verizon grant money will allow the implementation of the sixth level, which is a transitional level for students to gain enough confidence in the English language to enter a college

credit program.
     "Maria has worked very hard in the program and has given so much of herself and time to the program. She has been here for about 13 years. She really deserves the praise of the administration and so do the students for their hard work and getting grants," said Laird Ekland, former ESL chair and an ESL instructor.
     People enrolled in the ESL program are immigrants

from many countries: Taiwan, China, Iran, Japan, Costa Rica, Columbia, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Mexico and El Salvador.
     ESL student Olga Dilidia  said of the grant, "I'm very glad they're helping us. Sometimes it's hard because we have to go to work, school and are single parents, etc. God blessed us. I know things will be better for ESL students."