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Counselor's Corner

a "no show," but you cannot count on that.
     You may drop a class using RamTalk or the VVC on-line system, or by turning in a "Drop Card" at the Admissions and Records office.

CTN searches for the next big TV star

     CTN, The College Television Network, is searching for college musicians to compete for the opportunity to get their music video featured on MTV's "Advance Warning" and to become a special co-host on CTN's "Freshman."
     "CTN Best Music On Campus Contest" registration began on Aug. 25 and will continue to Sept. 27. The contest is open to all artists, bands and musicians enrolled at CTN partner schools, which includes Victor Valley College.
     Semi-finalists' videos will be posted on on Oct. 20, and the winner will be announced on the Nov. 17 episode of  "Freshman."