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History bound?

News Briefs

lence, teen drug and alcohol awareness, women's 12 step and so on.
     For more information, call 843-7723 or fax 843-9923. Their building is located at 16519 Victor St. No. 201, Victorville.

     Outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to join the newest club dedicated to outdoor and environmental education with backpacking, camping, and many other outdoor activities. There is no current adviser, but candidates are welcomed. Email with some contact information to For more information, call Seraph at 947-7249.

     The Black Student Union is inviting everyone to come out and enjoy the program's meetings every Tuesday from noon  to 1 p.m. in the SAC. The meeting will include voicing concerns on what is going on around campus, having fun and meeting new people.
     For more information, call  adviser Jeffrey Holmes at 245-4271 extension 2596, or club member Tayari Kuanda at 245-4271 extension 2378, 2278 or 2331.