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Victor Valley College. Some of the clubs include Future Teachers of America, the Biology Club, the Rambassadors  and a chess club, and there are many others anxious to have new members.
      The Associated Student Body is always looking for students with an interest in student government. This is a great way to make a positive contribution to VVC.  Contact the ASB office upstairs in the Student Activities Center for more information on any of these groups.

      You might even consider starting a new club if you find that your major or area of interest does not already have an organization on campus.
     Did you repeat a class in the fall semester?  Be sure to complete a
course-repeat form and turn it in at the Admissions Office in Student Services Building I.  These forms are available in that same building or in the Counseling Building #55.
     Be sure to make a       counseling appointment

every semester to help stay on track. Every student should have an educational plan showing the required classes for the degree or certificate the student is working on as well as transfer requirements if planning to attend a four-year college or university.
      Athletes and students receiving financial aid, including veterans receiving benefits,
MUST have a plan on file.  To schedule a counseling appointment, call 245-4271 extension 2296.