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Degrees and Certificates

The college offers the Associate of Science Degrees (A.S.), Associate of Arts Degrees (A.A.) and Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T, AS-T), and two kinds of certificates:

  • Certificates of Achievement (CA) are awarded for completion of programs that consist of 18 or more units, and are approved by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. CAs are noted on students' official college transcripts.
  • Certificates of Career Preparation (CP) recognize completion of a sequence of fewer than 18 units, approved by the VVC Board of Trustees. Students are presented a paper award, but the certificate does not appear on the college transcript.


* = An Associate Degree is not offered in this field. 


For more details, view the 2017-2018 College Catalog here.


Administration of Justice, A.S., AS-T

  • Administration of Justice Certificate (CA)

  • Corrections Officer Core Course Certificate (CP)

  • Forensic Specialist Certificate (CP)

  • Law Enforcement Modulated Course Level III Certificate (CP)

  • PC 832 Law Enforcement Course Certificate (CP)

  • Campus Law Enforcement Course PC 832.3 Certificate (CP)

  • Fingerprint Recognition and Classification Certificate (CP)

  • Law Enforcement Modulated Course Level II Certificate (CP)

  • PC 832 Firearms Only Certificate (CP)

  • Police Technician Specialist Certificate (CP)


Environmental Horticulture, A.S.

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources Career Exploration (CP)

  • Animal Health Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Animal Science Specialist Certificate (CP)

  • Environmental Horticulture and Restoration Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Equine Science Specialist Certificate (CP)

  • Geospatial Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Horticulture Specialist Certificate (CA)

  • Landscape Specialist Certificate (CA)

  • Water Resource Management Certificate (CP)

  • Floral Design Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Irrigation Design Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Natural Resource Management Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Plant Science Technician (CP)


Allied Health*

  • Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Certificate (CP)


Automotive Technology, A.S.

  • Automotive Detailer/Porter Certificate (CP)

  • Automotive Inspection and Maintenance Technician Cert. (CP)

  • Automotive Specialist I Certificate (CA)

  • Automotive Technician Certificate (CA)

  • Smog Inspection Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Automotive Brake & Suspension Specialist Certificate (CP)

  • Automotive Drivability Specialist Certificate (CP)

  • Automotive Repair Shop Manager Certificate (CP)

  • Automotive Specialist II Certificate (CA)

  • Automotive Transmission Specialist Certificate (CP)

  • Small Engine Repair Specialist Certificate (CP)


Aviation Maintenance Technology,, A.S.

  • Aviation Airframe Technician Certificate (CA)

  • Aviation Power Plant Technician Certificate (CA)


Business, A.S.


Business Administration, A.S.

  • Bookkeeping I Certificate (CP)

  • Management Certificate (CA)


Business Education Technologies, A.S.

  • Administrative Assistant Certificate (CA)

  • Computer Systems II Certificate (CA)

  • Legal Office Certificate (CA)

  • Office Services Certificate (CP)

  • Word Processor Certificate (CP)

  • Computer Systems I Certificate (CP)

  • Data Typist Certificate (CP)

  • Medical Office Certificate (CA)

  • Spreadsheet Processor Certificate (CP)


Business Real Estate and Escrow, A.S.

  • Basic Business Real Estate Certificate (CA)

  • Business Real Estate Apprentice Certificate (CP)


Child Development, A.S.

  • Early Childhood Education, AS-T

  • Level I: Associate Teacher (Pre-school) (CA)

  • Level II: Teacher (Pre-school) (CA)

  • Level III: Site Supervisor (CA)


Communication Studies, AA-T


Computer Information Science, A.S.

  • Network Specialist Certificate (CP)

  • UNIX Administrator Certificate (CP)

  • Web Authoring Certificate (CP)

  • MySQL Database Developer Certificate (CP)

  • Programming I Certificate (CA)

  • Productivity Software Specialist Certificate (CA)


Computer Integrated Design and Graphics A.S.

  • Architectural CADD Technician I Certificate (CP)

  • Digital Animation Technician I 3ds Max Certificate (CP) Drafting Technician I Certificate (CP)

  • CADD Technician I Certificate (CP)

  • Digital Animation Artist 3ds Max (CP)

  • Expanded Animation Technician 3ds Max Certificate (CP)

  • Digital Filmmaker (CP)


Construction Technology, A.S.

  • Basic Electrician Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Basic Residential Maintenance Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Basic Woodworking Certificate (CP)

  • Building Inspector Certificate (CA)

  • Construction Technology Certificate (CA)

  • Public Works Certificate (CA)

  • Basic HVAC/R Certificate (CP)

  • Basic Machining (CP)

  • Building Construction Certificate (CA)

  • Construction Management Certificate (CA)

  • Plumbing Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Renewable Energy Certificate (CP)


Education Technology*

  • Education Technology Certificate (CP)


Electronics Engineering Technology, A.S.


Electronics and Computer Technology, A.S.

  • Associate Degree Electronics Engineering Technology Certificate (CA)

  • A+ Certification Examination Preparation Certificate (CP)

  • Computer Technology Certificate (CA)

  • Electronic Technology Certificate (CA)

  • N+ Certification Examination Preparation Certificate (CP)

  • MSCSE Examination Preparation Certificate Level I, II (CP)

  • CISCO Networking Academy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII Certificates (CP)

  • Digital Electronics Certificate (CA)

  • Fiber Optic Cabling Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Network Cabling Technician Certificate (CP)

  • Wireless Communication Technology Certificate (CA) 


Emergency Medical Services, A.S.

  • Emergency Medical Technician (Refresher) Certificate (CP)

  • Paramedic (CA)


English, AA-T


Fine Arts, A.A.

This major is recommended for students interested in areas such as the following: Art, Music, Photography, Theatre Arts


Fire Technology, A.S.

  • Fire Prevention Officer Certificate (CA)

  • Fire Fighter Certificate (CA)


Geography, AA-T


History, AA-T


Liberal Arts, A.A.

This is usually the major for students who are undecided but who wish to transfer to a university, and/or for those who are interested in areas such as the following: Anthropology, Economics, English, French, Geography, History, Journalism, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish


Kinesiology, AA-T


Mathematics, AS-T


Math/Science, A.S.

This is usually the major for students interested in areas such as the following: Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Oceanography, Physical Education, Physical Science, Physiology, Physics


Media Arts*

  • Digital Animation Artist Maya Certificate (CP)

  • Digital Animation Technician I 3ds Max Certificate (CP)

  • Expanded Animation Technician Maya Certificate (CP)

  • Digital Animation Technician I Maya Certificate (CP)

  • Expanded Animation Technician 3ds Max Certificate (CP) Digital Filmmaker (CP)

  • Digital Animation Artist 3ds Max (CP)


Medical Assistant, A.S.

  • Medical Assistant Certificate (CA)


Nursing, A.S.

  • Associate Degree Nursing Certificate (CA)

  • Nursing Licensure Certificate (CA)



  • Paralegal Studies Certificate (CA)

  • Advance Paralegal Studies (CP)



  • Photography Certificate (CP)


Psychology, AA-T


Political Science, AA-T

  • International Studies Certificate (CP)


Respiratory Therapy, A.S.

  • Respiratory Therapy Certificate (CA)


Restaurant Management, A.S.

  • Restaurant Management Certificate (CA)


Sociology, AA-T


Welding, A.S.

  • Welding Certificate (CA) 

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