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May 5, 2016

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Library Databases

  • Oxford Art Online (Off-campus see: Databases)
    A gateway offering users the ability to access and cross-search four major art reference resources in one location: Grove Art Online, Oxford Companion to Western Art, The Concise Dictionary of Art Terms, and Oxford’s Encyclopedia of Aesthetics.
  • Oxford Music Online (Off-campus see: Databases)
    A gateway offering users the ability to access and cross-search four major music reference resources in one location: Grove Music Online, The Oxford Companion to Music, The Oxford Dictionary of Music, 2nd edition, and The Encyclopedia of Popular Music, 4th edition.
Visual Arts
  • Artcyclopedia
    A "Fine Art Search Engine." Search by artist name, works, museums, and art movements.
  • AskART
    Find brief biographies on over 42,000 American artists with sample images and links to representative galleries, museums, and art dealers. Access to extended information is available for a fee.
  • Art History Resources
    An extensive list of links to art history resources arranged by time period and geographic location.
  • Art Project (Google)
    Explore museums from around the world while discovering and viewing hundreds of art masterpeices at detailed zoom level.
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Art History
    Created at UC Santa Barbara, VOS offers one of the most comprehensive resources for art history on the Web.
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Art (Modern and Contemporary)
    Includes links arranged by contemporary artists and art movements.
  • WorldImages
    WorldImages provides access to the California State University IMAGE Project. The database contains approximately 80,000 images of global perspective. Images may be freely used for non-profit educational purposes.
  • Artslynk International Dance Resources
    Allows easy navigation to the many dance libraries available online. When gaps occur, Artslynx fills them with it's own original dance resources.
  • Dance Style Locator
    Presents illustrated descriptions of world dance styles performed each year by the World Art West organization. Included are dance styles from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, North America, and others.
  • Sapphire Swan Dance Directory
    Arranged by dance styles, the directory is a guide to dance resources available on the Web.
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Dance
    VOS provides suggested links to information on traditional, modern, and international dances. Topics include history, education, choreographers, and dance companies.
Theatre Arts
  • CurtainUp
    An online magazine of theater news and reviews, focusing on Broadway plays, and including quotes, reviews, news items, feature articles, letters to the editor.
  • DPS (Dramatists Play Service, Inc.)
    DPS is one of the major publishers and licensers of plays. Use the "Playfinder" feature to find availability and information about play scripts (librettos), scores, and other publications. Select the "Play to Stage" button to view upcoming productions by title, author, city or state.
  • Elizabethan Costume Page
    The site provides a compilation of materials of use to students of Elizabethan costuming. Includes history and technique, make-up, influences, dress and accessories, early and late Tudor fashion, and more.
  • Playbill
    A good source for current theater news, calendars, articles, ticket sources and more.
  • The Costume Page
    Theatrical emphasis on the history of costumes throughout the ages.
  • The Aria Database
    A collection of information about opera and operatic arias. Includes translations for many arias and aria texts.
  • Classical Net
    One of the largest sites of classical music, composers, and works on the Internet. It is particularly useful for identifying the current availability of works by composers on CD.
College and CareersReturn to top

Colleges and Universities
    Statewide transfer information for California colleges and universities.
  • American Universities
    An A-Z listing of links to American higher education institutions.
  • College Affordability and Transparency Center
    A U.S. Department of Education site providing lists of colleges and universities (including vocational programs) based on tuition and fees and net prices (the price of attendance after considering all grant and scholarship aid) charged to students. Searchable by type of institution and tuition cost range.
  • CollegeSource Online
    A virtual library of over 31,000 U.S. and International college catalogs. Includes 2 year, 4 year, graduate, and professional degrees.
  • College and University Ranking
    Provides links to published articles and surveys about college ranking - U.S. and International. The site is maintained by the University of Illinois Library.
    Offers easy to access overviews, statistical charts, and direct links to over 6,000 universities, community colleges, and vocational schools in the United States.
  • Peterson's College Search
    Seach over 3,500 accredited institutions in the United States and Canada offering two-year, four-year, graduate degrees. Searches can be limited to majors, location, program type, and more.
  • Universities.Com
    Information about On-line distance education and traditional education programs.
Financial Aid
  • Cal Grants
    Information on state, federal, and institutional financial aid programs for students attending college in California.
  • Federal Student Aid (FSA) and FAFSA
    Application information for the U.S. Department of Education student aid program.
    *Note: The school code for VVC is: 001335.
  • FinAid
    Find information on loans, scholarships, and other types of financial aid.
Career Information
  • California Occupational Guides
    Provides statewide career information on approximately 300 individual occupations.
  • CareerOneStop
    Find information on developing career markets, salaries by occupation, interview strategies, and more. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Jobstar California
    Primarily a California career resource that offers information on specific careers, resumes, salaries, and much more.
  • Learn How to Become is a one-stop, comprehensive resource that can guide individuals through the steps needed in choosing a career path: overview, education, salaries, and resources. Careers are grouped by categories and include creative, education, health, legal, and more.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    The U.S. Department of Labor source for career information. Revised every two years.


Dictionaries and Thesauri Encyclopedias
    Contains more than 100 sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses with facts, definitions, biographies, synonyms, pronunciation keys, word origins, and abbreviations.
  • Encyclopedia Smithsonian
    Answers of frequently asked questions at the Smithsonian Museum. Includes information on the armed forces, history, anthropology, musical history, physical sciences, textile conservation and more.
  • Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia
    Legal information in non-legal language covering wills & estate planning, small business, landlords & tenants, consumer information and more.
Reference Desk
    An all-in-one online reference tool for quick access to web-based resources.

HistoryReturn to top
Archives | U.S. | Women's | World | VVC

Library Databases

  • U.S. History in Context (Off-campus see: Databases)
    Provides integrated access to materials covering themes, events, individuals and periods in U.S. history from pre-Colonial times to the present. Resources include more than 1,000 historical (primary) documents, over 30,000 reference articles, and over 100 full-text journals and magazines. (See database "List of Sources" for complete list.)
  • World History in Context (Off-campus see: Databases)
    A comprehensive collection of references, articles, images, and maps from over 27 reference titles, more than 110 full-text journals, and over 1,800 primary sources. Coverage extends from ancient Europe to Latin America and from the Far East to the Renaissance. (See database "List of Sources" for complete list.)
  • America: History and Life (Off-campus see: Databases) covers the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistory to the present. The database includes selective indexing for 1,700 journals from 1955 to present, and full-text coverage of more than 200 journals and nearly 100 books.
  • European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 (Off-campus see: Databases) is a resource created from “European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to The Americas, 1493-1750,” the authoritative bibliography that is well-known and respected by scholars worldwide.
  • JSTOR - Early Journal Content
    Nearly 500,000 articles in more than 200 journals are now freely available on JSTOR’s “Early Journal Content.” This includes journal articles published in the United States before 1923 and articles published in other countries before 1870. (Important Note: This link opens the “Advanced Search” page. To limit the search to only “free” articles, click on “Include only content I can access.”)


  • Internet Archive: Text
    "The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit that was founded to build an `Internet library,' with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format." The more than 3,673,000+ texts included are public domain and out-of-copyright books published before 1923. Instructions for viewing and uploading texts are included under FAQ.

U.S. History

    V.V.C. professor Dr. Eric Mayer's website for history and social science. Click on the "Resources" link under each course description for an impressive list of subject related Web sites.
  • America Memory
    The Library of Congress - National Digital Library Program contains over 5 million items in 23 digital and 100 thematic collections on American history.
  • Best of History Web Sites
    Ranked #1 by Google for history, BOHWS contains over 1000 annotated links to U.S. and world history Web sites. Covers from prehistory to 20th century.
  • Chronicling America
    This site allows you to search and view newspaper pages from 1880-1922 and find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. Includes Arizona, California, District of Columbia, and other selected States. Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress.
  • The Martin Luther King Jr., Papers Project
    Sponsored by The King Institute at Stanford University, the site includes a biography, timeline, encyclopedia, and audio clips of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Our Documents
    View the actual image and transcript of 100 milestone documents that chronicles U.S. history from 1776-1965.
  • Salem Witchcraft Trials
    Danvers Archival Center at the University of Virginia. A collection of primary source materials relating to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.
Women's History
  • Discovering American Women's History Online
    Provides access to digital collections of primary sources (photos, letters, diaries, artifacts, etc.) that document the history of women in the United States. These diverse collections range from Ancestral Pueblo pottery to interviews with women engineers from the 1970s.
  • Women's History Month: Library of Congress
    Links to federal government (Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, etc.) web resources, exhibitions, audio and video, and information on women's history.
  • Women in History
    Provides biographical information about the lives of notable women in U.S. history. Each entry includes a bibliography and a list of recommended web sites.
  • Women of Four Wars: Stories from the Veteran’s History Project (Library of Congress)
    Documents the experiences of women service personnel in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan conflict and the Gulf war. The site includes online oral histories with video webcasts or podcasts of interviews.

World History

  • World History Archives
    A collection of annotated links to large document collections in world history. Sites are selected with an emphases on the "working-class" in history.
  • World History Compass
    The stated goal of this website is to provide links to history sites anywhere in the world. Easy to use geographic index.
  • World History Connected
    A free history e-Journal published by the University of Illinois Press.
  • International World History Project
    A collection of world history related essays, documents, map, and music spanning from Ancient Mesopotamia to present.

Language and LiteratureReturn to top

Library Databases

  • Literature Resource Center (Gale) (Off-campus see: Databases)
    Contains the complete Gale series, Contemporary Authors and Dictionary of Literary Biography, "selected" full-text critical essays from various Gale literary criticism series (Contemporary, 1400-1800, 19th –Century, 20th-Century, Shakespearean, Poetry, Drama, Short-Story, Children’s Literature), critical essays and reviews from over 360 literary journals and magazines, and more.

Literature Websites

  • Academy of Achievement
    An interactive museum of living history exhibiting extraordinary individuals who have shaped the world in the twentieth century. Entries include Arts and Literature, Business, Public Service, Science, and Sports.
    A full-text database of reference works, verse, quotations, and literature. Titles include: Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and the Columbia Encyclopedia.
  • Complete Works of William Shakespeare
    Quick and easy access to the full-text of Shakespeare's plays.
  • Famous Quotes & Authors
    Over 25,000 quotes by more than 6,700 authors. Searchable by topic or author.
  • Inter-Play
    Maintained by Portland State University Library, Inter-Play is an online index to plays in collections, anthologies and periodicals from the late 19th century on. (Note: Call numbers listed in citations are not VVC library locations.)
  • Literature Resources on the Net
    A collection of links to sites primarily focusing on English and American literature.
  • Mr. William Shakespeare on the Net
    Everything and anything about the world of Shakespeare and his works.
  • NewPages
    Provides news, information and guides to literary magazines, independent publishers, creative writing programs, alternative press publications and more. A section on Writers Resources includes: Calls for Submissions, Writing Contests, Blogs for Poets and Writers, and other resources.
  • Online Literary Criticism Collection
    A collection of critical and biographical Web sites about American and World literature authors. Maintained by the Internet Public Library.
    The Academy of American Poets' website containing poems, essays, biographies, exhibits, and awards. Search by poet or poem.
  • Voice of the Shuttle Web Page
    Started in 1994, this site has evolved into the quintessential website for all aspects of the humanities. "Woven" by Alan Liu of U.C. Santa Barbara.

ESL Websites

  • Activities for ESL Students (a4esl)
    Contains quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to assist English as a Second Language students. A project of The Internet TESL Journal.
  • DK FindOut
    A combination visual dictionary and encyclopedia resource that contains facts, images and explanations categorized and searchable by content. Although aimed at younger students, it is also a useful resource for ESL learners.

News and newspapersReturn to top

Library Databases

  • Newspaper Source Plus includes more than 860 full-text newspapers (including the New York Times), providing more than 35 million full-text articles. In addition, the database features more than 857,000 television and radio news transcripts from CBS News, CNN, CNN International, NPR, etc.

Online News Sources

  • Daily Press
  • Los Angeles Times
    Online version. Archives through 1985. Fee charged for full-text articles. See NewsBank database for free access to specific L.A. Times articles.
  • New York Times
    Online version. Article archives available through 1851 for a fee. Articles from 1980 to present can be accessed free from the Lexis-Nexis database (On-campus only).
  • Christian Science Monitor
    Online version. Article archives through 1980 available for a fee. See Newsbank database for free access to specific Monitor articles.
  • USA Today
    Archives available from 1987 to present.
    News coverage updated throughout the day. Links to International edition.
  • Internet Public Library: Newspapers
    A comprehensive directory of national and international newspaper links.
  • U.S. News Archives on the Web
    Provides links and pricing information to selected national newspapers. Arranged by state.
    A directory of world newspapers, magazines, and news sites in English. Arranged by country and region.
    Full-text access to current newspapers published around the world in all languages. Arranged by region or A-Z listing by country.

Philosophy and ReligionReturn to top

Library Databases

  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Off-campus see: Databases)
    The online version of the REP that was originally published in 1998 (Located in the library). Features over 2,000 original articles across the discipline of philosophy.
  • Religion Resources (Off-campus see: Databases)
    ull-text database of over 25 major multi- and single-volume works on the topic of Religion.
  • Religion News Service (Off-campus see: Databases)
    A secular news service providing current, unbiased coverage of religious movements from around the world. The site is available in full-text from January 2004 through the Lexis-Nexis database. (Note: When the database opens, under "Search the News," type, Religion News Service in "Title Source" and enter a search term under "Search For.")


  • Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
    A dictionary with focus on the Philosophy of Mind: consciousness, perception, memory, etc. Search by term or A-Z listing.
  • Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
    A concise guide to technical terms and personal names encountered in the study of philosophy. Links to additional information are provided when available.
    Over 17,000 categorized links to philosophy resources on the Internet. Browse by philosophers or topic.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Includes articles on people, concepts, books, and other topics in philosophy. Each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field.


  • Religious Worlds
    This site offers information about religious traditions that developed in the Middle East and Asia.
  • Virtual Religion Index
    Analyzes and highlights important content of religious-related Web sites. Offers a diverse scope of religious traditions and beliefs. Return to top

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