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Academic Senate - Full-Time Area Assignments (listed below)

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Academic Senate Office:  Center For Institutional Excellence (BLDG 10),  EXT. 2821


Butros, Michael *AREA REP
Burnett, Jane
Cerreto, Richard *AREA REP
Doan, Mary Lynn
DuBal, Nichole
Gibbs, David **REP AT LARGE
Gibbs, Jessica***
Harvey, Lisa 
Jalota, Naveen
Jennings, Patricia
Kaiser, Hinrich
Kennedy, T.J.
Mayer, Eric
Mecklenburg, Trinity 
Melkonian, Arda
Moore, Adam
Ridge, Jeff
Schellhous, Thomas
Toner, Stephen*** 
Ath, Yontha
Bozonelos, Dino
Davis, Tracy
Dupree, David
Ellis, Lisa 
Flome, Robert
Franklin, Nathan
Garcia, April
Glebe, Andrea
Golder, Patty *AREA REP
Mauch, Pat
Solis, Judy
Tashima, Gene
Tomlin, Karen *AREA REP
Vecchio, Daniel
Viehweg, Jarom 
Adell, Tim *AREA REP
Becker, Barbara
Campbell, Bryce *AREA REP
Cole, DeeDee
Francev, Peter **REP AT LARGE
Franco, Mo
Niehus,  Monika
Ngobi, Said
Pendleton, Joe
Redona, Jeff
Ruiz, Maria
Smith, Mike
Vila, Martha
Visser, Sandy
Wagenhoffer, Joshua
Wagner, Patricia
Weis, Anh
Vocational Library and
Bennett, Lee ***
Bonato, Anthony *AREA REP
Coultas, Steven
Kuhns, Troy
Nelle, Steve
Ohshita, Christopher
Oliver, Claude***
Rowland, Dan
Rubayi, Khalid 
Shaner, Keith
Slade, Neville
Alstadt, Carey *AREA REP
Beach, Kelley
Clark, Tamala
Contreras, Fernando
Dorn, Lorena
Duarte, Sean
Dube-Price, Melanie
Franco, Lilia
Gaytan, Manuel
Huiner, Leslie***
Insley, Lyman
James, Pamela
Johnson, Eartha
McCracken, Mike *AREA REP
Ochoa, Lorena 
Pierce, Sherri
Record, Manika
Reed, Yvonne
Stahlke, Jacqueline
Wollan, Diane
Cegielski, Sandra
Luna, Starlie
Garcia, Diego
Haines, Michael *AREA REP
Longoria, Renate
Marin, Traci
Portillo, Silvia
Speakman, Jeanine *AREA REP
Thibeault, Sally
Trudeau, Lois
Truelove, Terry 
Arts Center


Augustine, Jackie
Foster, Frank
Fowlie, Jennifer
Graham, David
Heaberlin, Ed *AREA REP
Jones, Greg
Miskell, Karen
Ripley, Richard
Taylor, Shuron
Burg, Ed *AREA REP
Cass, Reiji
Grover, Chris
Hollomon, David 
Moon, Odell
Thomas, Shane
Tonning, Paul
Young, Henry
Blanchard, Debby *AREA REP
Guardado, Lynn
Hoover, David
Victor, Bruce
White, Christa


Public Safety
Training Center


Cohen, Heath
Hendrickson, Brian
Jones, Scott *AREA REP
Oleson, David
Padgett, Rand

Akers, Glenn *AREA REP
Jefferies, Leontine *AREA REP
Reveron, Rosyli *AREA REP

* Area Rep
** Rep At Large
*** Executive Officer


Last Updated 2/15/17