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would be forced to play the fifth game for a tiebreaker. The Rams called a timeout and huddled for another pep talk from White.
     The crowd members included the Lady Rams basketball team who showed  support and stomped their feet, cheering for the Rams in a touching display of support that would not be left unrewarded.
     Valley scored two more points, but it was not enough to stop Rams' Alison Kedzior from scoring the final point that would win the game with a final score of VVC 30 and Valley 21.
      "We needed it, we got it! We played tough today! This puts us in first place all by ourselves, just so you know," said White. 

Lady Rams soccer team finishes third in conference

     In addition to this being the final game of the season, this was also the final game for many of the girls: Neisinger, Tori Velarde, Meyer, Eileen Smith, Laura Castro, Holly Amerson and Sarah Carmichael, amongst others.
     Meyer remained upbeat even though it was over. "This was one of the best teams I've played for. We had a five-game winning streak going, and losing two out of the last three is a disappointment. We thought we had a real shot at going to playoffs," said Meyer.
     The team may have had to settle for third place, but two members received high honors from the Foothill Conference for their efforts during the season. Coach Mike Bradbury was chosen Coach of the Year, and Brandy Neisinger was chosen Player of the year.